1. Introduction:

St.Joseph College of Nursing is run by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Eluru under V.D.M Charitable Trust at Bishop’s House, Xavier Nagar, Eluru – 534007, W.G.Dt, A.P, India.

The College obtained the essentiality certificate from the Government of Andhra Pradesh vide G.O. M.S. No 364 in 2007 and permission from the Indian Nursing Council (INC), New Delhi. The college began functioning in 2009.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Eluru was erected in 1977 with Most Rev.John Mulagada as its first Bishop. Numerous educational institutions were established by the Bishop in order to bring education to the door steps of rural masses. The Diocese also established many health care centres, homes for the aged, training centers for the mentally and physically challenged.

The Diocese started St.Joseph Dental College in 2002 and a Super Speciality General Hospital in 2005 under the same Trust. The students of the College of Nursing will have the General Hospital attached for their clinical training.

2. Objectives of the Nursing Education Programming:

  1. To provide opportunities which would enable the student to function as an effective individual.
  2. To prepare a professional and technically skilled nurse, competent to give a comprehensive nursing care to individuals, families and communities in sickness and health.
  3. To prepare the student with guidance to take up leadership position in the teaching and the nursing practice in hospitals and community health agencies.
  4. To provide the opportunities and experiences which would enable the student to develop and maintain effective interpersonal relationship with professional and nonprofessional personnel.
  5. To provide the student with knowledge and learning experience which would enable her as a nurse to function with increasing ability as an effective citizen and a representative of her profession.
  6. To provide those experience and opportunities which would enable and motivate the nurse to enlarge her capacity for her own professional growth and to contribute towards the improvement and growth of nursing.


The college is located at Duggirala, five kms away from Eluru. Eluru is also called “Ellore”, located in the northeastern part of Andhra Pradesh, at the junction of the Godavari and Krishna canal systems. Previously known as Helapuri, Ellore and Erla Uru, the name of the city was changed to its present form in 1949. This District was formed in the year 1925. Surrounded by Khammam district in the North, Krishna district in the South, East Godavari district in the East and Krishna district in the West, Eluru is a place to visit. Eluru has been the headquarters of the West Godavari District since 1926. It is well connected by rail and road with all-important towns in the state.Eluru is famous for its thriving woolen pile carpet industry. It is well known for its cultural, educational,economical and industrial development. The Persians who migrated to this part of the world during the Muhammaddin Regime have developed the carpet industry over here. The fertile, irrigated land between the rivers supports a rich agricultural region surrounding the city. Trade, especially in sugar and other agricultural products, ranks as Eluru’s most important economic activity. Cotton textiles and leather goods are manufactured in the city, and household industries produce carpets. A major rail lane as well as national and state highways serves the city.



The nearest airport is at Gannavaram near Vijayawada


It has two railway stations, namely, Powerpet and Eluru, situated on the Chennai-Kolkata lane.


Andhra State Bus Service fly regular buses from Eluru, connecting with all the major cities of the state.

3.2 General Information:

Climate: Tropical

Temperature range

Summer : Max 45 Deg C and Min 30 Deg C. (122.34 F – 81.75 F Approx.)

Winter:    Max 31 Deg C and Min 17 Deg C. (84.28 F – 46.21 F Approx.)

4. ADMISSION INTO B.Sc Nursing – 4 years Degree Course

4.1 Eligibility

1.Age limit for admission: A candidate for admission into B.Sc (Nursing)  4YDC  should                                    have completed 17years and should not be more than 25 years on 31st December of     year of admission.  Upper age limit shall be relaxed by 3years in case of SC & ST Candidates.

  1. Sex: Female
  2. Educational Qualifications:
    1. Should have passed intermediate examination with Biology, Physics and Chemistry as optional subjects or intermediate Vocational (Nursing) Examination conducted by the Board of Intermediate Examination in Andhra Pradesh or any Examination recognized as equivalent thereto, and
    2. Should have secured not less than 45% marks in the optional subjects of the intermediate examination or equivalent examination. In case of SC & ST candidates, it shall be not less than 40% of Marks.
  3. The candidate should possess good health and moral character.
  4. A copy of the prospectus and Application form can be obtained by sending Rs.200/- or in person.
  5. The duly completed application form together with the following enclosures should reach the College of Nursing on or before 31st July every year.
  • Two self Addressed stamped envelops – (Rs.5/-)
  • Caste Certificate should be submitted if scheduled caste/scheduled Tribe.
  • Two additional passport size photographs.
  • Xerox copies of qualifying examination and certificates showing date of birth.
  • Transfer Certificate & migration certificate (for candidates who have completed their qualifying examination under university outside Andhra Pradesh)

4.2 Selection for Admission:

The candidate who meets prescribed requirements for admission will be asked to appear for an entrance test of two hours duration in Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Mathematics,English and general knowledge. The standard of the test will be that of the pre-university examination.

An entrance fee will be collected towards the entrance exams which has to be paid on the day of examination. Within two days following the interview the list of candidates selected provisionally for the course will be announced.

The admission granted is provisional until the candidate’s admission is approved by the Dr.N.T.R University of Health Sciences.



  1. The Purpose of the dress code is to maintain high standards of dress, hygiene, grooming and personal appearance, which are essential in our daily relations with patients, families and visitors in assuring a professional, business-like representation.
  2. When in clinics the students must wear a clean, white apron which is well washed and neatly pressed with the college identity badge.
  3. Extreme Styles should be avoided:
    • Revealing clothing which represents body to a degree that represents poor taste or unprofessional appearance.


Student will wear a plastic identity badge on left hand side pocket of the apron. The size, colour and wording of the badge will be specified by the college. The student will be carrying a personal identity card signed by the Principal which would be useful to the student for bus passes, railway concession, use of other libraries and educational institutions. Students are directed to provide information about their permanent address, phone numbers and details of their parents so that the parents can be contacted if necessary for information of student’s progress, general well-being etc.Students are requested to fill up the pro-forma supplied by the college with necessary photographs. The students must intimate the college once in case of any change of address whether local or permanent.


St. Joseph College of Nursing is model, highly rated educational institution in the eyes of the public of Eluru and its surroundings. Do not do anything to lower this image and undermine the esteem with which the college is held in this semi-rural area. Students are required to maintain a sense of discipline and decorum and observe order at all times in the college as well as in public places. Students should refrain from disfiguring walls and furniture and other objectionable practices. No games shall be played during hours allotted for lectures and classes. Matters of discipline will be reviewed periodically and as frequently as may be necessary. Corrective steps including disciplinary action will be taken to check any act in breach of the disciplinary rules.


Punctuality in theory and practical classes,demonstrations,college activities is most essential. The student will appreciate the value of punctuality once he/she is out of the college; equally. Your teachers have been advised to be punctual and also not to permit any student coming late for classes.


The institution pays utmost importance to attendance. After all, the students are admitted into the college for learning and mastering a profession and proper attendance is the only way to achieve sound learning. The attendance rules will be strictly enforced by the college authorities. Eighty percent attendance in theory and practical is a must and students who fail to have the required attendance will not be sent for University examinations. The attendance by the students will be faithfully recorded by the teaching staff and the college authorities will not yield to any external or parental pressure in this connection. Student’s attendance will be periodically displayed on the college notice board for information. Also, if a student is showing less interest in studies and declining in attendance and performance the matter will be brought to the notice of the parents. Parents are requested to take cognizance of such information and advise their wards accordingly.

Students are expected to send a leave letter to college once in case of unexpected and unavoidable absence.

Leave for medical reasons will not be considered and counted for calculation of attendance. Intimation of a medical condition and requesting leave is only a courtesy extended to the college by the student.

Students are forbidden from taking an active part in political agitations or amitations directed against the authority of government. Students are also advised not to involve themselves in any public or mass movements which seem undesirable and bring down the image of the institution.


Ragging is a violation of human rights. Respect humanitarian values and say NO to Ragging. Ragging is neither a means of familiarization nor an introduction with freshers, but a form of psychopathic behaviour.

St. Joseph College of Nursing has always taken adequate measures for prevention and control of ragging every year. However, due to the ugly incidences of ragging in other colleges in the rest of the country appearing in the newspapers and media there is anxiety and fear among the freshers and their family members. The college would like to alleviate this fear and anxiety and provide a conducive environment for learning during the initial period of the course. Following the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s direction we aim to make St.Joseph College of Nursing a ragging free campus.

Students are expected to give an undertaking at the time of admission that they will not indulge in ragging in any form.


NO Student or group of students shall form an association except such unions or association constituted by the college authorities for the welfare of the students. No student shall circulate notices or journals or any other form of literature in the college without the permission of the Principal. Any one indulging in such activities may even be expelled from the college.


Students are forbidden to address letters and representation to higher authorities directly. Such letters should first be submitted to the Principal who in turn will forward to the concerned with specific remarks.


Students are strictly informed not to use cell phones in the campus. Those found carrying cell phones into the classroom will be heavily fined and the cell phones will be confiscated.


Students shall look after the equipment and instruments provided by the college with utmost care. Equipment damaged through careless handling will be charged to the student’s account. Students are directed to pay for damaged instruments, equipment and college property as and when advised by the college authorities. Such payment must be made and dues cleared before requesting for a “NO dues” certificate while appearing for University examinations.

7.  Academic Regulations:

7.1 Service Agreement:

Admission is subject also to execution of a bond to serve the institution for 1 year on the successful completion of the course. At the time of admission, the student and the parent/guardian must execute an agreement with the management of the institution for the diligent prosecution of the prescribed course of studies and on completion of the course, the student to serve for a period of 1 year.

7.2 Leave:

7.3  Vacation: Students have their vacation according to the regulations of the university and of the INC.

7.4  Special leave: such leave will be granted in the case of serious illness or death of father or mother, brother or sister. The genuineness of the ground for leave must be certified to the satisfaction of management. The period of the leave will be deducted from the annual leave normally due. Leave for brothers,sisters and ordination of own brothers. According to INC only 30days leave and not more is allowed for one year.

7.5  Other Leave: as provided in the regulations of the Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences for the B.Sc (N) students and according to the norms laid down by the INC for the Diploma Nursing Students.

7.6 Uniform:

Successful candidates will have to buy their own uniforms for duty in the hospital and for community Health Posting. Candidates are  advised not to make their uniforms before coming to the hospital nor before the successful completion of the preliminary examination.

7.7 Membership-s. N.A. and C.N.G.L:

All students are required to become active members of the Students Nurses’ Association (S.N.A) Catholic students are expected additionally to become active members of the Catholic Nurses Guilde of India (C.N.G.I) The membership fee payable is nominal.

8. Student Health Programme:

A comprehensive health programme is available to all students. The preventive health programme includes physical examination. Routine laboratory tests and immunization, the students must undergo a complete health checkup on admission and , thereafter, every year.

The  institution will maintain a health service under the supervision of a staff Nurse. All sick students are either cared for in the Nurse’s infirmary or admitted to the hospital. A team of doctors is assigned by the hospital management to attend to the health care of the student nurses.

9. List of Articles to be brought along:

1)     Wrist Watch with second needle hand             – 1

2)     Pillow                                                               – 3

3)     Pillow cases                                                     –  1

4)     Bed sheets                                                        –  3

5)     Blanket                                                             – 1

6)     Mosquito net                                                    – 1

7)     Handkerchief                                                   – 6

8)     Umbrella                                                         – 1

9)     Suit Case with Lock & Key                             – 1

10) Sweater or Cardigan (Black or navy blue)     – 1

11) Bath towels                                                     – 2

12) Plastic Bucket                                                 – 1

13) Plastic Mug                                                     – 1

14) Dictionary (English to English)                       – 1

15) Torch light (Small)                                          – 1

16) The Bible                                                        – 1

17) Eating Utensils                                                – 1

18) Sufficient personal dress (mufti) for use when off duty

10. Facilities:

10.1 Living and recreational facilities:

All students are expected to be residents in the hostel, which provides suitable accommodation and is well equipped. Outdoor and indoor recreational facilities are available. A variety of recreational and cultural and social events are organized. Recreational movies and video films are shown from time to time in the hostel.

10.2  BANK:

There is a branch of Indian Overseas Bank in the premises itself. The Students can avail this bank for all their financial transactions.

10.3    Mineral Water Plant:

There is a clean drinking water provision for the campus maintained by the Trust.


Play grounds, medical facilities, transportation, guest rooms for parents, auditorium are available.

11. Spiritual Life:

As this institution is a Catholic one, Catholic students have the privilege of deepening human and Christian values through daily mass and annual retreats with a special retreat master. Such students are encouraged to be active members of the Catholic nurses’ guild. A chaplain cares for the spiritual needs of the students.

12. Withdrawal and Dismissal:

1)     If any student decides to withdraw voluntarily from the college any time before completing the course, she should pay to the college the tuition fee of the entire course (four years) and fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstance.

2)     The institution reserves the right to dismiss any student whose work or conduct is not found satisfactory during the period of training, paying the entire tuition fee of the current year.

13. Hostel rules and regulations:

  • All students shallbe under the direct care and supervision of the Sister-In-charge of the hostel.
  • Students are allowed to go out twice a month for shopping and once a month with their parents or relatives. They are expected to be back in the hostel by 6.30 pm.
  • Visitors are allowed only on second Sundays.
  • No student will be permitted to stay outside with relatives or friends.
  • When a student is ill, she should inform to the Sister-in-charge, see the doctor and produce medical certificate.
  • Relatives and friends are not permitted to visit the students during duty hours. Arrival from a distant place will not entitle a visiting relative to see the student during her duty hours, nor will she be called from sleep if she was on night duty.
  • Permission to visit relatives and friends to attend parties, wedding, cinemas etc, should be obtained from the parents (guardians) and the Principal.
  • Ragging in all its forms is banned and it is treated as a cognizable offence. Any student found guility of ragging will be suspended or dismissed at the discretion of the management.
  • Taking or administering any harmful drug, not authorized by competent authority, is strictly  forbidden. In order to curb such tendency among the students, it is hereby made known that any student found in possession of any such unauthorized drugs will be summarily dismissed.

14. Student Sisters:

All the general rules concerning selection, courses of training and leaving will apply also to Religious Sisters, In addition, the following are also applicable:

1.     The Religious habit of the Sisters should be adapted to meet the demands of the nursing work. An noon which completely covers the habit should be worn while on duty.

2.     Permission to visit relatives and friends, to attend parties, weddings, cinemas etc., should be obtained from the Sisters’ own superiors.


All the students are to given an undertaking to the management that they would abide by the regulations and rules of the institution and that in the event of violation of any rule, the judgement of the management shall be final. This undertaking shall be signed both by the student and by the parent of the guardian.


I, miss …………………………………………… promise to abide by the rules and regulations of St.Joseph College of Nursing. In the event of the violation of any rule, I accept that the judgement of the management would be final.


Signature of the Guardian

Signature of the Candidate


16. Bond Service Agreement


Bond executed in favour of St.Joseph College of Nursing, Duggirala, Eluru-534004, W.G.Dt, Andhra Pradesh, India, by



I, miss………………………… do hereby agree to serve for 1 year in St.Joseph College of Nursing, which is compulsory after successfully completing my course.

Signature of the Candidate:

Signature of the Guardian:

Signature of the Witnesses:













St. Joseph Dental College is run by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Eluru. The College is located at Duggirala village, 5 kms from Eluru town.  The College was established in 2002 and got recognition in 2007.  The college also started Post graduate courses in 2008.

The College established a good academic track record.  Our students secured the best ranks in the last AP Post graduate entrance test and obtained 16 PG admissions in various colleges in A.P.  We have an academic collaboration with Universita G. d’ Annunzio in Chieti, Italy.  Under this collaboration we already hosted the Indo Italian Dental Congress twice in our premises in 2008 and 2010.  We have also conducted 1000 free dental camps during these 7 years.  We are running satellite dental clinics in six remote villages in and around West Godavari district.

In the 2009 Andhra Pradesh Dental PG Entrance, our students bagged the State 2nd Rank followed by 6th, 9th, 13th, 24th, 42nd, 61st, 80th, 84th, and 96th (below 100) and secured 16 admissions in the State admissions creating a record in Andhra Pradesh.  In the 2010 Entrance results, we repeated the feat and secured the State 1st Rank followed by 2nd Rank, 5th Rank (a record three ranks below 5) and 25th, 33rd, 34th,  38th, 39th, 44th, 62nd, 67th, 75th, 80th and 102nd (again securing 15 admissions in the State counseling).


Sri. Swaranjit Sen, IPS said while inaugurating the 200 bedded general hospital on 7 december, 2005 that missionaries’ role in the health care and educational institutions in this country is not comparable to any. The hospital which  upgraded into 200 beds has the following components.

St.Joseph Dental College, Eluru is the first to own its own 100 bed hospital within the campus. When the college was established in 2002, it had a memorandum of understanding with its sister concern, Fr.Lugi Pozzoli Memorial Hospital, Xavier Nagar, Eluru which is 4.5 kms away. The students were transported to the Hospital by the two buses owned by the college. In 2005, the V.D.M.Charitable Trust made arrangements to have an independent Hospital, by name St.Joseph General Hospital attached to the Dental College. It was inaugurated by Sri.Swarinjit Sen, IPS, the Director General of Police of Andhra Pradesh and the Bishops of the Region. Thus the dream of the Chairman, Most Rev. M.John, Bishop of Eluru has come true. The Nursing services and the genral administration of the general hospital to be upgraded into a 200 bed hospital and entrusted to the care of Charity Sisters who have a vast experience in health care in the State. They are successfully running hospitals, one of them being Vijaya Mary Hospital in Hyderabad.


  1. General Medicine
  2. General Surgery
  3. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  4. Orthopaedics
  5. Critical Medicine
  6. Emergency Medicine
  7. Paediatrics
  8. Pathology
  9. Urology
  10. Anesthesiology
  11. Blood Bank- affiliated with ELURU BLOOD BANK
  12. Nursing and Para Medical Services
  13. Pharmacy- 24 HOURS
  14. ECG Technology
  15. Medical records section
  16. Fire Protection
  17. Electrical and Plumbing department
  18. Ambulance Services
  19. Registration with AP Pollution Control Board
  20. X-Ray: 500mA
  21. Ultra Sound Scan

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